prawn risotto with chilli, spring onion and garlic

Prawn Risotto with Garlic, Chilli and Spring Onions

I've always been a huge prawn fan - it's one of my favourite seafoods - so Peter and I indulged in one of our signature dishes recently - prawn risotto with garlic, chilli and spring onions so I thought I would share the recipe for this week's #tastytuesdays feature.
gambas pil pil

Gambas Pil Pil Recipe

It's #Tastytuesdays time again and having just returned from a relaxing week away in Marbella, I wanted to share the recipe for one of my favourite Spanish tapas dishes - Gambas Pil Pil!
fresh fish platter-Honest Mum

A Taste of Halkidiki

Having recently returned from stunning Halkidiki, I had to share some foodie stills from our time there. The abundant fruit growing from trees (including vineyards, pomegranate and banana trees) and olive trees of course as far as the eye could see meant eating seasonal, fresh food every day!
Coconut fish curry

Coconut Fish Curry

We love fish curry in this house and even the kids eat this-we make a batch without the chilli for them!
seafood salad

Thalassini Salata (Seafood Salad)

Seafood salad is a refreshing starter at any time of the year. This is a staple on the award winning Olive Tree Greek Restaurant menus and Papa G recommends always using fresh seafood as it makes a vast difference to the taste and flavour of the dish. Vibrant, colourful and super tasty, this will wow your dinner guests.
steak-Honest Mum

Miller & Carter Steakhouse-A Review

When you think steakhouse, you think grotty, dark, dated pseudo yank style eateries in Leicester Square right? Well think again. In fear of sounding like a M&S ad parody, Miller & Carter are not just any old Steakhouse, but a gourmet steakhouse.