Broody But A Bit Scared

So I wrote a post a month ago on feeling broody with the fitting title Maybe Baby?
Honest Mum and kids

Feeling Like a Good Mum

When I think back to having my first baby, Oliver, now 7, in January 2010 I mostly remember feeling utterly petrified.

Brilliant Blog Posts 16th March 2017

Welcome back people and sorry for the delay, my youngest had a high temp last night and then I was awake in the night feeling unwell too! We've both woken up feeling better so here's to a germ-free day!
gluten-free apple pie

Delicious Gluten-Free Apple Pie

We love apple pie in this house (I mean who doesn't love an apple pie?) but being a family who limits their gluten intake, this gluten-free apple pie alternative is just the ticket for us.
letter to the tooth fairy

The Magic of Childhood

Although I'm always candid about the tougher parts of parenting on the blog (Honest Mum, right), I love to share the more joyful moments too, of which there are many, because childhood should and so often is, pretty magical is it not?... And this post certainly demonstrates that so read on but be prepared it's a bit of a heart-melter.
H&M dress

Spanish Hideaway in Jalon Valley with James Villas

I want to start by writing how incredibly grateful I am that this blog means wonderful travel opportunities for my family and I which allows us to see and experience parts of the world we've not visited before, both near and far.
Mr Bloom

Our Weekend in Pictures-Including Hanging Out With Mr Bloom

This weekend was gushingly one where I literally kept thinking, 'Wow I'm so happy, I'm so lucky'...stick with me...You see we are all so busy rushing around aren't we, running from here to there, working, hustling, multi-juggling that these last few days went by a bit slowly in comparison and allowed me to truly take stock.
Tim from Slouching towards Thatcham

Who’s the Daddy with Tim from Slouching towards Thatcham Considers Why There Are So Few Daddy Bloggers

It is now time for the latest instalment in my Who’s the Daddy series. I started Who’s the Daddy a few weeks ago to showcase some of the brilliant (but often overlooked) dad bloggers in the UK and further afield. I am follow a lot of dad blogs and it is really interesting to read the male perspective of parenting! This week, Tim from the blog Slouching Towards Thatcham explores why there are in fact so few dad bloggers in comparison to the number of mummy bloggers. Take it away Tim…

Sick of Winter Bugs

So, I'm not usually one to throw a pity party in real life or online but you know what, I'm about to and it's going to be a full on get your freak on' pity RAVE, so I understand if you have another, non-whiney sweet as pie blog to hit right now and will kindly bid you goodbye... But if you can't look away, here it is: this last month has been one loooong viral/antibacterial hot mess of illness in this house. As you can imagine, it's all been rather rubbish.
smoked salmon nicoise salad

Smoked Salmon Niçoise Salad Recipe

After what was an indulgent Christmas period for us all comes January and the start of a new year, a great time to detox our bodies and mind (hello yoga) and return to healthier ways! Just because you're eating healthily though, doesn't have to mean boring meals-we follow an 80-20 healthy whole food way of eating here which works for us and one of our favourite lunches is this quick and easy to make Smoked Salmon Niçoise Salad.