Honest Mum and son

Moving Back Down South

So BIG ANNOUNCEMENT klaxon: we're moving back down South in the summer, to Windsor most likely, or close by in the outskirts of London.
family home

My Top Tips: Things to Consider When Looking for a New Family Home

As soon as you have a family, your whole world changes, and with it your perspective and priorities. Prior to having my eldest son, Oliver, my husband Peter, and I lived in London, but starting a family meant a relocation for more space and also support from family.
dog-Honest Mum

Do We Get A Dog?

We have now moved in our lovely new home outside of Leeds in a picturesque village in the breathtaking Yorkshire countryside, close enough to town (and Harvey Nicks) for me not to freak out, but far enough to have ponies outside our front garden as we overlook open countryside and views that people pay good money for (which I suppose we did too when we bought the place). Anyway, it is BLISS. And now the discussion of getting a dog has come into play.

Funny Things My Kid Says

...I suppose soon it will be funny things my kids (plural) say as Alexander said 5 words by 8 and a half months and we think he said Mama today-however this post will be dedicated for now to my 3 and a half year old Oliver who cracks us all up on a daily basis! I hope it makes Emma and of course all of you, smile!