Sing on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Half-term is just around the corner and whilst I'll be taking some time off during the week, there'll be lots of juggling going on here as I entertain little kids and make big deadlines. The
Hannah Marshall dress

Attending the Cannes Film Festival 2016

The Cannes Film Festival always proves to be the most gloriously glamorous whirlwind of a break! My 5th time attending, every festival, honestly- and somewhat miraculously (as every year is sooo flipping good)- seems to beat the rest.
Film-Maker Debbie Shuter

Wonderful Women Interview with Filmmaker Debbie Shuter

Welcome to the latest Wonderful Women with the award winning filmmaker, Debbie Shuter. Debbie has directed and produced numerous documentaries and feature films including 'Beigles Already' (her first film) - a short documentary for BBC1, 'Educating Haji' - BBC1, 'St Lukes' - Cutting Edge C4 and 'The Veteran' - a feature film starring Brian Cox and Toby Kebbell.

Our DisneyLife

We're a household of HUGE Disney fans.

Cute Times with My Baby Nephew & Watching Alvin & the Chipmunks

It's nearly the end of February half-term (weep, it's been a gorgeously relaxed one here) so earlier this week, we headed to Cottage Road Cinema in Leeds to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. If you're going, take cotton wool for your ears and wine if you can to get through it. The kids loved it to be fair.
creative kids

How to Encourage Creativity in Children

As a natural, born creative I love nothing more than spending my days writing, producing videos, directing and generally immersing myself in creative projects. I'm so pleased that mine and my husband's creative genes have been passed down to my two sons, Oliver and Xander too.

Top 5 Horror Movies (That Stop Me Sleeping)

I love writing my film round-ups but I've realised one genre I haven't covered is horror movies which could well be because I'm a big baby (the Simpsons Halloween special even scares me!)

Four Creative Hobbies My Kids Love

Just like a bored adult, kids need stimulation, and fun too and while there's a place for watching the box (we adore movies in this house) we love engaging in fun things that help develop little minds and motor skills.
Earth to Echo poster

The Earth to Echo Effect

I mentioned on Facebook recently how mesmerized my son, Oliver, aged 4 1/2 was by the movie of the moment, the modern ET, Earth to Echo. I've never seen a film, any film effect him as much as this one.
Cannes Film Festival logo

Off to the Cannes Film Festival

...As many of you know I'll soon be setting off for a few days at the Cannes Film Festival... First up is a dress fitting for frocks for the festival and BritMums Live with Fever London in the Big Smoke and a crazy-early flight to the South of France on Tuesday morning.

In the Director’s Chair…

For those who don't know, I'm a freelance writer/director directing drama, documentary, shorts, promos and music videos. I've been lucky enough to work with some of the leading production companies in the world and for diverse broadcasters from the BBC to film company Lionsgate UK- and I've even scooped some awards to boot along the way. I love my job-truly, I feel like I get to play and get paid for it.

The Best & Worst Films of 2011

So which were my best and worst films of 2011.... Sometimes I pretend I'm Claudia Winkleman and BBC Radio Leeds entertain me by inviting me in to talk films, filmmaking and erm the movies on the wireless. I recently gave my review of films in 2011 so I thought I'd enlighten those who missed it, on this here blog.