Honest Mum

Crème Brûlée Recipe made with a2 Milk™ + Video

The last few months has seen this whole family switch to a2 Milk™ a tasty milk which is lighter than any we've tried before without that milky after-taste. It's also, importantly stopped my dairy-related rash...
homemade granola recipe

Gluten-Free Apricot, Date & Coconut Granola

I love a crunchy granola but not being able to eat nuts (and now some seeds too) *weeps means I need to find my crunch-fix elsewhere -and this my friends, is it! Here I present gluten-free apricot, date and coconut granola.
protein chocolate bar recipe-Honest Mum

No Bake Chocolate and Coconut Protein Bars

A fan of all things natural and a low carber most of the time, these no bake, easy to make chocolate protein bars with no nasties in, work so well for me whenever I fancy something sweet!
Greek rice pudding

Perfect Greek Rice Pudding (Risogalo)

Greeks adore their rice pudding and this sweet offering can be found at zacharoplastia (dessert shops) in Greece and Cyprus as well as being a home made favourite for many. The unique Greek flavours are lemon peel, cinnamon and rosewater.