Mamas & Papas Pixi Highchair Review

Aw I've not shared this little guy and all his gorgeous chubbiness on the blog for a while now so I'm delighted to get my nephew back on here and in such a stylish highchair too.

A Much Needed Girlie Night

Last night saw me meet up with two old friends, Carlie and Nicola for a much needed girly night.
Aubergine bake-Honest Mum

Aubergine Parmigiana

As a low-carber and someone determined to get back on track after a summer of indulgence (2 weeks back on the wagon and so far, so good), I love sharing tasty, high protein and most importantly- easy to create dishes at home.
Family-Honest Mum

Papa G’s Birthday Party

We hosted Papa G's birthday at our house yesterday for an early dinner that saw me hitting the sack before my guests left (what a lightweight)!
Solos and Auntie Loulla

A Day with my Aunties

Anyone who knows me, understands how much I love hanging out with my family. In fact nothing, NOTHING makes me happier than when we're altogether, eating, laughing, eating, shouting (we don't do talking, we're Greek) and did I mention eating?! My family are utter happy-makers and that's the 'truth Ruth'!

The Aunties Come To Town…

My Big Humongous Greek family consists of many Aunties but recently two of my favourite ones (you see what I did there?- baclava guaranteed for life now), visited us for a few days and we literally pissed ourselves laughing. Tena lady anyone?