Good Earth

Beautiful Indian Style by Good Earth (HonestMum’s Blogging Carnival)

When Honest Mum asked me to do a guest post I was delighted. She’s a cool chick who loves beautiful things just as much as I do, so how could I refuse. And since I’m holidaying in my homeland of India, I thought I would share some goodies from here. I’ve come across lots of lovely kiddy stuff that I could bring you but I’ve decided to share my absolute favourite Indian store called Good Earth,
big fat greek family

How You Know You’re Greek

It’s been let me see, at least 2 WHOLE weeks since I’ve attended a Big Fat Greek Wedding, Christening, Engagement party or family birthday and I’m missing it. Madly. It’s not just the food, drink and Greek dancing, it’s all of the below. The energy, the madness, the laught
Prince Harry

Ladies in Waiting…

The world was swept up in the wonderment of the recent Royal Wedding as two young people clearly in love, married one another in front of billions. A modern fairytale: the Prince and Future King marrying his Cinderella. Even if 'Cinders', was a highly educated, wealthy, upper middle class non-Royal, it nonetheless marked a new era for the Royals.

The Square Mile Awards

Just over a week ago, (yes it's taken me that long to write this)- I won an award! *Jumps in the air Rocky style at the memory. It was for the Square Mile 30 Under 30 London Talent Awards to be exact and I won my category: Media, Entertainment and the Arts.
on set

And Action…

I've been meaning to blog for ages now but well, life has gotten in the way. I'm sorry guys. I will try harder next time I promise! It's just I got back from being on set last month for the first time since maternity leave ended, and since we wrapped it's been busy, busy, busy with tv meetings and of course lots of fun times with my 14 month old, settling back into life in my hometown of Leeds after 11 years away and all that comes between. It's been an incredible ride.
friends-Honest Mum

Just Be Kind to One Another

Oh how long have I wanted to write this post! It's been on my mind a while and I'd like to write it to encourage friendship and care among new mums...
presenting for the BBC

Mummy’s Got to Go to Work Now!

I'm writing this from my Aunt's house in Manchester as I embark on the next few days without my little boy as I attend film and commercial meetings before returning next week to shoot the ads. You see 'Mummy's got to go to work now'. Yes it will help us financially but more so, I want to go and work. I need to. I love my job, it's the most challenging, unbelievably fun career in the world. I'm sure of it.

Little Man Turns 1

Well what a year it's been.... One emergency C section ( nothing 'posh' about not being able to get out of bed or sneeze or feel normal for that matter, for months on end), 2 house moves to 2 different cities, 1 incredibly active, funny, lovable baby, lots of joy (everyone), lots of tears of frustration (him and me) and most importantly lots and lots of laughs (the whole Big Fat Greek Family).

Love Letter to London

Dear London, Thank you for a very wonderful weekend. These few days together truly cemented our long standing love affair.

Christmas Done

Well Christmas was a super day-my little boy's first one-he will be 1 in 2 weeks so we tried to stagger the presents somewhat. Failed.
Friends-Honest Mum

Who’s the Mummy? I Am!

10 Things which Differentiate you from your Non-Mummy Friends. For Better or Worse:
Vicki-Honest Mumn

All in a Day’s Work (OK 4 Weeks)

Something funny happened to me...I was feeling a bit down and sorry for myself the other day. You know, the usual: sleep deprivation, 'hormonies' a bit all over the shop and above all, I'd kind of lost my confidence a little, in me, in my work, did I mention in me.
Friends-Honest Mum

Mummy Etiquette-The Top 10

Mummy Etiquette-The Top 10 1. Do stuff your face with the food you feel like, especially in those first few months post-birth. It's hard enough getting up a million times a night to feed your baby as well as  having to keep yourself awake by day with only...
Vicki and Peter

Oh Santa Baby….

Dear Santa, Hear me out. I've been a good girl this year. I've tried to be the best Mum (and wife) I could be and let's not forget I've produced another Greek for the world. So as well as world peace and an extension to maternity pay, please can you arrange the following. Thanks.