Lentil Dhal, Wholegrain Rice and Mango Lassi

I hate the notion that all curries are unhealthy. Sure there are a few restaurants and take aways that use excessive amounts of ghee and oil, but I genuinely think they are the exception. Where I live in Yorkshire there are so many wonderful Indian restaurants, especially in the near by cities of Leeds and Bradford.
tomato and olive pasta

My Tomato, Black Olive & Feta Gluten-Free Pasta Recipe

What makes your house a home? For me, it's the family dinner and the whole clan gathering around the kitchen table for a hearty home cooked meal. Food always has and always will bring all the boys to the yard. My boys anyway ;)
salmon salad

Warm Salmon Salad with Homemade Caesar Dressing

My husband Peter doesn't eat meat but loves Caesar dressing, so as an alternative to chicken we like use salmon, which is healthier and also robust enough to stand up to the strong tasting Caesar flavour.