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Stress Relief Tips by Dr Juliet McGrattan

It's wonderful to welcome back Dr Juliet McGrattan, GP and friend of mine with her stress relief tips. Stress can mean being busy and a bit late for an appointment but it can also mean sick children, fam...
Bonzum app

The World’s First Pregnancy Symptom Checker: Bonzun

Pregnancy - and especially your first pregnancy - can be a daunting experience. As a self-certified hypochondriac, even the smallest ailment is enough to to send my worry-levels into overdrive, so as you can imagine, when 'with bump' this was a million times worse.
Emily Beckloff

A Brush with Breast Cancer By Emily Beckloff

I am honoured to share Emily Beckloff's post on her brush with breast cancer. I hope it encourages all to check their breasts more frequently. Thank you Emily for sharing your story-
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Wonderful Women Interview with GP and Writer Juliet McGrattan

Juliet is a GP, mum to three children and a health writer. She also has her own running club, runs marathons and fundraises for charity. With a regular column in Women’s Running, a growing online following and plans for a book, Juliet is one inspiring, wonderful woman.
Oliver baby

People Power So Your Baby Gets the Best Care

Right folks I've wanted to write this for a while and I feel very strongly about it. My little one has unfortunately been at the receiving end of very ill advice (excuse the pun) from several medical professionals since we've moved to Leeds. This happens everywhere I know so I'm not condemning Leeds but I am hoping this post might make a difference to parents everywhere in 'going with their gut' and not being patronised by meds.