dark chocolate truffles recipe

Dark Chocolate Truffles

My Dad makes the most AH-MAZING dark chocolate truffles I've ever tasted!
Strawberry and blueberry pancake-Honest Mum

Papa G’s Perfect Pancakes

We love Pancake Day in this family but to be honest Papa G has a penchant for pancakes all year long; I distinctly remember treat breakfasts of piles of pancakes growing up and my Dad teaching my brother and I how to make the perfect pancake.

Tzatziki Recipe (Greek Yoghurt & Cucumber Dip)

Tzatziki is a healthy, refreshing dip mostly served as meze (part of several Greek courses) using crusty bread or pitta bread to dip in but it can be enjoyed alone as a snack.
Vanilla custard

Vanilla Custard in Filo Pastry

My Dad, award winning restaurateur George Psarias, appeared on ITV's Britain's Best Dish-The Chefs, a few years ago with the recipe for the custard in filo pastry also appearing in the book that accompanied the series.
George Psarias

Papa G’s Top 10 Tips for an Amazing Christmas Dinner

My Dad George is an award winning chef, founder and owner of a group of restaurants The Olive Tree in Leeds. A dab-hand at Christmas dinner, here he shares his tips to help make your Christmas feast, amazing!

Lamb Kleftiko (Oven Baked Lamb with Herbs)

Lamb Kleftiko is a firm favourite in this house. It literally means ‘stolen’ and the name was derived during the Ottoman Empire when Greek freedom fighters stole lamb, goats or sheep and cooked the meat in clay ovens or underground to eliminate smoke not to betray their positions. The lamb was cooked very slowly until it literally fell off the bone.
chicken hydra-Honest Mum

Perfect Chicken Hydra (Kotopoullo Tis Idras)

This may not be a strictly traditional Greek recipe but it was given by a local from the island of Hydra, where a lot of writers, intellectuals and artists live and work.

Greek Almond Cake in Spiced Syrup (Revani)

This is a Greek favourite so my Dad, the award winning restaurateur of The Olive Tree Greek restaurants (three branches) in Leeds and sometime TV Chef, Papa G is sharing his recipe with you all. Enjoy. Scrumptious!

Vegan Falafels

These chickpea or white broad bean patties or rissoles are very popular and much enjoyed in the Middle East. They are the national dish of Egypt where falafel is also called talamia and are welcome at any time: breakfast, lunch or supper.

Papa G’s Perfect Hummus Recipe

A few people have recently requested my Dad's hummus recipe so I thought I'd share this archive post again this week for #Tastytuesdays. We adore this golden dip in this house as do the kids. Healthy, tasty, nutritious, it's an round winning snack or starter!
lamb kebabs

Kitchen Tips from Papa G and Greek Lamb Kebab Recipe

The kitchen is without a doubt, the heart of our home. My parents own award winning restaurants The Olive Tree Greek Restaurants in Leeds and my husband is a spectacular cook, creating masterpieces in everything he makes from sushi to chocolate souffle (I came 4th in the North on Junior Masterchef as a kid too so am not too shoddy myself but that's a whole other post)....so as you can see, food is a huge part of our lives and especially our family life.
Grilled Octopus-Honest Mum

Grilled Octopus in a Lemon and Chilli Sauce

This dish of grilled octopus can be found on the Specials Board at George's award winning Greek restaurants The Olive Tree in Leeds. A popular dish served in Greek tavernas across Greece and Cyprus, we've added some chilli to give it a kick-delicious, summery food ideal for BBQ's and beyond.
rissoles-Honest Mum

Yellow-Split Lentil Rissoles with Lentil Dip

It's #Tastytuesdays again and this week I bring you Papa G (quite literally) and his Brazilian themed yello-split lentil rissoles and lentil dip! Perfect for World Cup parties, family meals and fun snacks!

Papa G’s Magnificient Moussaka

As ever Papa G is here again with his simple yet stunning Greek recipes. For those who don't know him, PG is my Dad and award winning restaurateur of the Olive Tree Greek Restaurants in Leeds.
Greek chicken kebabs

Greek Chicken Kebabs

The usual meat to make kebabs is lamb or pork. Of course other meats such as beef, offal, poultry, fish as well as shellfish make super kebabs. Here is my delicious chicken kebab recipe with tomato dressing, marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and herbs to bring out the mediterranean flavours. This is a healthy dish and can be served with a crispy Greek salad.
swordfish-Honest Mum

Grilled Swordfish with a Garlic Sauce

We are massive fish fans in this house and this is a quick, easy, family favourite often rustled up on a weekend; pure sunshine on a plate-'happy food' we call it, tasty and good for you too-your heart, vision and brain!
Macaroni cheese-Honest Mum

Macaroni Cheese Recipe

So here is Papa G's Mac 'n' Cheese with a slightly healthier take and a Greek twist too! Hello feta cheese!
Leek & rocket pie

Greek Rocket, Leek & Feta Pie

Today's recipe from Papa G, owner of award winning restaurants The Olive Tree in Leeds, is Greek Rocket, Leek and Feta Pie.