Lucy Hird

Wonderful Women Interview with Senior PR Manager Lucy Hird

Lucy is a 30-year-old Senior PR Manager living in London who works for the Red Consultancy across a variety of health, beauty, food and lifestyle brands including Boots and Johnson & Johnson. As a nutrition and fitness nut, she’s recently started a blog and Instagram account inspiring others to go out and try classes and recipes on, with daily Instagram memes from her global travels aimed at motivating and making people smile @msmotivatorme.
apple and coconut crumble-Honest Mum

Healthy Coconut and Apple Crumble

As those who follow my blog know, I'm well and truly back on the low carb, healthy eating band wagon after a summer of pure carb loving (and I'm now 8 pounds heavier) and can't zip up my jeans! At least I have something to motivate (and I do love my Topshop Jamie jeans).. I'm still eating carbs but slow releasing whole food carbs like oats and sweet potatoes in moderation and lots of low sugar fruit and veg. This recipe is a delicious treat, full of goodness without compromising on flavour! And I think you might just LOVE it!