Simnel cake

Simnel Cake Recipe

Just look at this beauty. Thanks to Delamere Dairy spreadable goat's butter, you can recreate it in your own home to enjoy this Easter!
Greek chocolate yogurt

Low Carb Chocolate Yogurt

This is so incredibly simple, I'm not even sure it warrants being called a recipe really, but it's something I experimented with recently when I fancied something sweet yet wholesome as a snack that was l
cherry and strawberry smoothie

Dark Cherry and Strawberry Smoothie

It's safe to say we're a little bit obsessed with smoothies, guzzling them, and also and styling them up for pretty posts pre-slurping of course.
preparing veg

Warm Salad Nicoise Recipe with La Redoute

A couple of weeks ago, my eldest son Oliver, 5, and I, took part in an exciting shoot for the très stylish French online outlet, La Redoute, which merged three of my greatest loves: family, food and fashion.

Rice with Vermicelli

This is quite honestly the best rice dish in the world. A good friend of mine actually travelled the world tasting rice (and you know, holidaying) and she concluded that there's no rice quite as delicious the Olive Tree Greek Restaurant's rice so who am I to disagree. Well who am I? The owners' daughter of course-so you see disagreeing isn't an option. It is amazing though. Papa G's rice with vermicelli is incredible, crunchy, buttery, light-absolutely the perfect side dish.
gluten-free chocolate cupcake

Valentine’s Day Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

This recipe might be gluten-free but let me start by writing they're not calorie free sadly however I've used honey instead of sugar and high quality cocoa powder so they really are a pretty healthy treat that won't skyrocket your blood sugar! As it's Valentine's Day, these really are a perfect offering for a loved one, your kids included of course, or simply for yourself (self-love is important too you know, hey shush you naughty ones at the back!) So, what you waiting for? Go get your bake on and treat yourself...
seafood risotto recipe

Seafood Risotto (Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare)

Excitingly, along with my own and my restaurateur father's recipes, I will also be sharing Italian dishes from my brother, Solos' renowned Italian restaurant Giorgio's in Headingley, Leeds. We really are so lucky to have 4 gorgeous, award winning restaurants in my immediate family and I am so proud of all their plaudit, awards and garnered national and international press-we never go hungry here as you can imagine!
tomato soup

Tomato Soup

This nourishing heart-warmer of a soup is a real hit here with the whole family. I find soup generally an easy way to get vegetables into my children, particularly in the winter. I like to make tomato soup in bulk and freeze it so it's a cost effective dish too.