Posh Finger Sandwich

A Gluten-Free Posh Fish Finger Sandwich

I'm a huge fan of fish finger sandwiches. They were one of my favourite childhood treats but as I got older I became more and more intolerant to gluten which meant I couldn't indulge as much as I liked.

Pan-Fried Cod dusted in Spelt Flour and Coconut & Served on Quinoa

This is one of my all time favourite recipes. So fresh and delicious, it really does taste as flavoursome as it looks. In fact, just a few weeks ago when I shared a picture of this dish on my Facebook page, I was met with multiple requests to post the recipe.
Jamaican Escoveitched Fish

Beaches Resorts’ Jamaican Escoveitched Fish

We were so incredibly lucky to eat the most delicious food at Beaches Resorts Ocho Rios in Jamaica when we reviewed the resort recently, that I just had to share this stunning Jamaican dish of Escoveitched Fish we loved there, rustled up by Executive Chef Junior Frances, here, left with chef Lemar Lawrence.
Eat Pretty Book

Quitting Chicken and Eating Pretty

So thanks to Hannah of Mums Days who recently spoilt me with several gifts for my birthday, one being the book Eat Pretty, I have quit chicken and am eating, well, everything to make me feel (and hopefully) look my best.
grilled salmon

Grilled Salmon and Blanched Asparagus

If you caught my earlier post you'll know it's back to healthy eating for me after a summer of indulgence so I'm kicking things off with Grilled Salmon & Blanched Asparagus.
Greek chicken kebabs

Greek Chicken Kebabs

The usual meat to make kebabs is lamb or pork. Of course other meats such as beef, offal, poultry, fish as well as shellfish make super kebabs. Here is my delicious chicken kebab recipe with tomato dressing, marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and herbs to bring out the mediterranean flavours. This is a healthy dish and can be served with a crispy Greek salad.
swordfish-Honest Mum

Grilled Swordfish with a Garlic Sauce

We are massive fish fans in this house and this is a quick, easy, family favourite often rustled up on a weekend; pure sunshine on a plate-'happy food' we call it, tasty and good for you too-your heart, vision and brain!
crab cakes

Tasty Crab Cakes

These tasty and easy to make crab cakes often feature on the specials board at my parents' three restaurants The Olive Tree in Leeds. My son Oliver loves making them with his Grandad, they're fun and fairly healthy too!

3 Kids, A Bump & A Baby….

Ok so he's not really a baby at 2 and 4 months but I have been a Mama to 3 amazing kids and a toddler this week-and I've loved every minute!
healthy lentil soup

The Detox

Ahhh...the detox! I first did Carol Vorderman's famous detox diet when I was 21, it was all the rage back then and everyone was doing it. And yes my skin radiated like I was, erm, 21 (BECAUSE I WAS) and yes, I had boundless energy and could party all night long but that's probably because you've guessed it, I was 21.