chocolate snowflake biscuits

Chocolate Christmas Snowflake Biscuits

  How pretty are these chocolate Christmas snowflake biscuits Alexander and I made the other night? The perfect festive nibble, they are so much fun to make and bake with little ones. The dough is malleable and easy to roll out and with my help...
cod with noodles

Cod Dusted In Spelt Flour With Noodles & Vegetables

My husband Peter doesn't eat meat, so at home, fish and veggies are our go-to dishes. Cod is one of my favourite fishes. With its subtle yet delicious flavour, and firm, flakey texture, it goes perfectly with oriental-influenced ingredients such as noodles and pak-choi.
Gluten-Free Mexican Style Rice Cakes

Gluten-Free Nacho Style Rice Cakes

I'm a huge fan of Mexican food and one afternoon I decided to up my rice cake A-game and conjured up these AMAZING nacho-style rice cakes! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! I use gluten-free rice cakes as whe...
Banana Cake

Banana Cake

I made this cake for a recent 'Bake and Brew' party to raise money for The Children's Society who I'm an ambassador for. You can read about the day here.
King Prawns

Jumbo King Prawns in Chilli Sauce

Being a busy working mama, it's not often I get to cook a decadent 2 or even 3 course meal; however, every now and then I love to invite the whole family round and put on a feast that's fit for kings and queens!
mushroom soup

Mushroom Soup

We are TOTALLY obsessed with soups in this house, the kids love them (such an easy way to get veggies down them) and we eat them all year round. Soups are NOT just for winter people!
Creole Kitchen's Mont Blanc Coconut Cake

Creole Kitchen’s Mont Blanc Coconut Cake

Regular readers will know that I have a real passion for baking and in particular, cake! Nothing beats an afternoon cuppa and slice of cake and this delicious Mont Blanc Coconut Cake by Vanessa Bolosier is EVERYTHING.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti Tossed in Le Roule, Topped with Pan-Fried Salmon

Every busy parent needs a handful of go-to recipes that are quick and easy to make yet nutritious and filling too! This simple salmon pasta recipe is one of my ideal mid-week dinners and perfect for when I have urgent deadlines and need something I can quickly throw together without scrimping on flavour.
Quick Tuna Rendang On Wholegrain Rice

Quick Tuna Rendang On Wholegrain Rice

Rendang is a spicy meat dish that originates from Indonesia, but as my husband Peter doesn't eat meat, we developed this tuna alternative instead.
protein balls

No Bake Protein Chocolate and Mint Balls

As much as I love baking, there are some days when I simply don't have the time. Being a busy mum of 2 with a full time blogging career means I love a good 'eat cheat'!