bean salad

Mixed Bean Salad

It's all about the beans, baby. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write!
parsnip soup

Auntie Loulla’s Parsnip Soup

I wasn't a mad fan of the old parsnip until recently I tasted my Auntie Loulla's parsnip soup. Now, I love parsnip everything. Roasted parsnips, parsnip crisps, parsnip hashbrowns-if there's parsnips, my parsnip-admiration now knows no bounds. That's the power of delicious dishes, they can utterly transform the way you feel about food. It really is that simple and something to remember when encouraging your kids to try and enjoy new foods.

Orzo With Crispy Cabbage and Lemon and Pine Nuts

It's hard not to fall into the trap of eating the same lunch everyday. I work from home and when I'm busy, it's often tempting to rustle up the same old sandwich, most days.  Staying inspired 5-days per ...
Gluten-Free Mexican Style Rice Cakes

Gluten-Free Nacho Style Rice Cakes

I'm a huge fan of Mexican food and one afternoon I decided to up my rice cake A-game and conjured up these AMAZING nacho-style rice cakes! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! I use gluten-free rice cakes as wheat is not my amigo and top them with salsa, guacam...
mushroom soup

Mushroom Soup

We are TOTALLY obsessed with soups in this house, the kids love them (such an easy way to get veggies down them) and we eat them all year round. Soups are NOT just for winter people!
lamb and vegetable soup

Live Peasant: Lamb, Vegetable and Lentil Soup with Cabbage

We love making midweek hearty meals here, those which we can cook up in a batch on the weekend or a Monday morning, freeze and then feed the hungry household throughout the week. One tray or one pot meals save time, are economical and make life easier for we busy parents who simply want filling, healthy, delicious food with minimum fuss and mess.
mixed berry smoothie

Mixed Berry Smoothie

We are utterly obsessed with smoothies in this family and this mixed berry delicious and healthy smoothie made using Iceland's Juicy Berry Mix (only £1.50 for a 500g bag) hits the spot for breakfast and beyond.
Seafood spaghetti with cherry tomatoes

15 Minute Seafood Spaghetti & Cherry Tomatoes

I love this dish. It always reminds me of my times at Cannes Film Festival, dining alfresco in the sunshine sat in a bistro overlooking the Cotes D'Azur while enjoying the wonderfully fresh seafood that the Mediterranean is famed for. Pure bliss!