christening invite

Christening Invites & Thank You Cards from PaperShaker

The folks at PaperShaker kindly asked to compensate me for writing a review of their pretty cards and they must have read my mind as they got in touch right when I needed them, for christening invites and baby thank you cards.
big fat greek family

How You Know You’re Greek

It’s been let me see, at least 2 WHOLE weeks since I’ve attended a Big Fat Greek Wedding, Christening, Engagement party or family birthday and I’m missing it. Madly. It’s not just the food, drink and Greek dancing, it’s all of the below. The energy, the madness, the laught
baby me with Dad

Baby Woes? Raise Your Child the Greek Way!

Baby woes? Raise your child the Greek way. Greeks, OK maybe not all Greeks but my Big Fat Greek family have many rules/ remedies/child rearing tips I wanted to share with you: