Broody But A Bit Scared

So I wrote a post a month ago on feeling broody with the fitting title Maybe Baby?

Losing 6 Kilos-What Worked For Me

I'm sick of reading about diets myself so pondered on whether to even write this post to be honest, but as so many of you asked me how I lost 6 kilos (a stone) on twitter and FB that I thought I would share what worked for me, and it's actually the most anti-diet I've ever followed.
Pregnant Vicki

Bump Watch Week 38 and a Bit…

I simply can't believe I'm 38 weeks and 2 days already. This pregnancy has been pretty easy going and has just flown by. I'm ecstatic not to have OC this time roud and the baby will be here in no time at all. The C section is booked (as advised by my consulant as the safest for baby and I after an emergency first time) and I am ready, ready, ready folks (well as ready as I can be)...
Vicki and Oliver

Baby Baby

Now that I'm 31 weeks along, I've started to think more about the inevitable birth. I can't wait to meet my little newborn boy and dug out a few pictures of toddler Oliver's first few days with us to reminisce/prepare/freak out!

Run, Vicki, Run…

Is anyone else a little bored with I don't know, everyone's obsession with weight, whether you've had a baby or not? OK I get it, I may just be adding to the discourse but hear me out, this isn't really about weight, this is about running. Running?
Vicki having fun

If I Was…

I often wonder (mostly at night in between the 'I should be asleep and why am I not asleep' twilight hours of disrupted sleep or dreaming of nights out I never have anymore (see above)- the many variables of ...