Light banana pancakes

Light Banana Pancakes By Nicola Millbank

I adore Milly's Real Food cookbook by Nicola Millbank (I collect cookbooks and this one has quickly become a firm favourite) and her light banana pancakes below, are simply amazing!

Energy-Boosting Breakfast: Cottage Cheese on Granary with Avocado

  Start your day the right way with this fab energy boosting breakfast of cottage cheese on granary with avocado. A real favourite of mine, this bad boy (that's super good) will help you kick off the day, the right way! I love cottage cheese....
mixed berry smoothie

Mixed Berry Smoothie

We are utterly obsessed with smoothies in this family and this mixed berry delicious and healthy smoothie made using Iceland's Juicy Berry Mix (only £1.50 for a 500g bag) hits the spot for breakfast and beyond.

Coconut Porridge

I rotate my healthy oat biscuits with egg variations and this coconut porridge for breakfast most days, and although it may be simple, it's so delicious, I just had to share it.
breakfast pot

Chocolate Granola, Coconut and Greek Yoghurt

Sometimes finding healthy breakfast ideas can get a bit tiresome, there's only so many ways to eat an egg that will satisfy right, so I decided to get back to basics, being originally Greek Cypriot, creating a Greek yoghurt breakfast pot to get me excited about brekkie again!
oat muffins-Honest Mum

Healthy Oat Breakfast Muffins

Living my low carb life means healthy, slow releasing carbs like tasty oats in the morning and these beauties are ideal breakfast cargo with only a little sugar in the honey which I love for its taste and medicinal properties, and what's more, the kids adore these muffins too!