Annelisa Christensen

Wonderful Women With Author Annelisa Christensen

Welcome to Wonderful Women, my regular interview series with the fabulous ladies who inspire me... This week I'm speaking to Annelisa Christensen, author of the fabulous book The Popish Midwife - a book about high-treason, prejudice and betrayal based on re...

Wonderful Women With Writer and Campaigner, Rebecca Schiller

Welcome to my Wonderful Women series featuring (yup you've guessed it) a whole lot of wonderful women. This week I'm speaking to Rebecca Schiller who is a writer, campaigner and occasional doula whose work centres around women's rights in childbirth. She's CEO of the high-profile human rights in childbirth charity Birthrights, writes freelance for The Guardian, The Pool and others and her latest book Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter was published in September.
Veronica Henry

Interview with Author Veronica Henry

Author Veronica Henry began her career as a production secretary on The Archers. From there she went to Central Television to script-edit such broadcasting legends as Crossroads and Boon.