Alexander eating-Honest MumFor those who follow my blog, you’ll know just how passionate I am about healthy food and snacks for my kids and myself. Almost as passionate as Alexander, 2, is about wearing his dinner!

He does like to eat it too (sometimes)!

alexander eating-Honest Mum

I love that this video by Ella’s Kitchen has been dubbed a ‘Good Snacking Revolution’ and is basically a mini picketing demonstration from a bunch of socially conscious tots who are standing up for their right to healthy snacks!

They remind me of my youngest, Alexander who loves nothing more than to snack on avocado, celery sticks and coconut shavings. True story! And I have the photo to prove it!

celery stick-Honest Mum

It’s important to me that both my children eat balanced diets full of lean protein, good fats and lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables with the odd treat for good measure.

Of course having award winning restaurants in the family comes in handy and I like to cook from scratch so I know what is going into the meals we eat. The same goes for anything I buy, products needs to be healthy and wholesome.

Ella’s Kitchen agree with me too… Not only is the video super cute but its message is so important- eating well is vital for little people so they can, “grow, grow, grow!”-hope you enjoy it!

This post is sponsored by Ella’s Kitchen but all words are my own!

You can watch more of Ella’s videos on their YouTube Channel

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