We all suffer with waning confidence (it’s a natural part of life, people) but along with practising techniques to remind ourselves of our self-worth along with mindfulness, there are several beauty items I’d be at a loss without that also help me feel #MyBestMe.

I remember feeling happy and confident when this picture below was taken-it was a moment in time I truly felt good in my skin!

My make up was on point thanks to a super make-up artist Lauren Kay who I wish would just move in with me and make me look like this every day- and I felt sooo comfortable on the shoot with the don of A-lister photography, Joseph Sinclair.

The ultimate dream team to making a Mama feel FIIINE!

Vicki Psarias

This isn’t my everyday though but even if I can’t look as camera-ready as that shoot when blogging, I still make an effort with how I look. I do it for me.

I refuse to pretend beauty isn’t important to me and why should I?

That I might somehow be judged or be less of a feminist (I’m a proud one btw) if I admit bronzer makes me feel a bit better about life.

Well it does #sorrynotsorry.

I want to look my best ‘me’ and so do most people.

It’s not about (pointlessly) competing with supermodels on instagram but accepting who I am and enhancing my features (hello eyeline flick) to make me feel like I can face the world with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

Lipstick can do that to a girl ya know!


If I have to pinpoint my beauty ‘can’t-live-withouts’- it’s all about pearly teeth, concealer, mascara and a lick of lipstick at the bare minimum for me. So, erm, basically, beauty basics which will see me through the school-run, working from home or nipping to the local shops (the people in the post office see more of me than my own husband #truestory).

…Now, when it comes to me getting somewhere which might be a WHOLE car- journey away I like to add eyeshadow, liner, bronzer and lipliner to the mix (baha)!

That’s just me though- and I do love my make up! Love? I’m OBSESSED!

As a public-facing blogger with sleep-raiders for kids (lucky me), I have to feign looking more awake for the majority of my life-and breaking down the ESSENTIAL essentials (like desert-island must-haves) goes something like this:

Whitening toothpaste, concealer (cement thick please) and bright pink or red lipstick- the antidote to the palest of lips (mine blend into my olive skin annoyingly)!

Thanks pale-lipped parents!

Colgate's Expert White

Thank goodness for pinky lips hey! Apols for my wonky eyeliner-see, I told you I need make up artist Lauren to move in with me!

bareMinerals lipstick in Risk it AllHonest Mum

Then, once my face is on, I instantly feel better about myself.

What did Gwyneth Paltrow say? ‘Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.’


This doesn’t mean I, (nor Gwyneth, I reckon) advocates that you must wear make-up in order to feel more confident but taking time to do the things that increase your own sense of well-being (whatever they might be)- and anything which helps to amplify confidence is definitely the way to go in life!

Right Gwynnie?! She’s totes subscribed to my blog 😉

…Of course, clean and healthy teeth are non-negotiables here and Colgate Expert White not only tastes delicious (don’t eat it folks), it also works brilliantly too- my teeth have NEVER been more sparkly nor white (eat your heart out Simon Cowell 😉 )

brushing my teeth

…When it comes to bold pink or red hues for my pout, it’s ‘Risk it All’ by bareMinerals or MAC Ruby Roo and my love for pro longwear concealer by MAC or the miracle that is Max Factor Pan Stik, runs deep.


That trio makes me feel #MyBestMe effortlessly and easily.

I have to add and those that follow me here know this goes without saying for me but it’s NOT just the outside that counts-we all need purpose and passion in life to feel happy and content.

I love my job as a blogger, vlogger and filmmaker-my purpose is my children, they drive me everyday to create the best life I can for them.

I’d love to know your own must-haves which help you feel more confident, in the comments too.

Check out my video as well to see this post in moving pictures 😉

Don’t just look your best, be your best, with Colgate Expert White.

I partnered with Colgate to bring you this post.



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11 Responses

  1. Leigh - Headspace Perspective

    Love that Gwynnie quote! I’m with you, make-up isn’t the be-all but I sure do feel a little better with it. Something to even out my complexion, a slick of lipstick and I feel naked without mascara! Benefit is my current favourite. That Gal, Rollerlash… Nice white gnashers are important too – smiling is part of being a good human and your teeth are just as beautiful as the rest of you, lovely Vicki! xxx
    Leigh – Headspace Perspective recently posted…Why We Need To Improve Perinatal Mental Health SupportMy Profile

  2. Mama and More aka Zaz

    I love this “bronzer makes me feel better about life”, me too!! Couldn’t do without a sweep of my Guerlain Terracottawhich always has people asking if I’ve been on hols! Beautiful white teeth are so important too – as the saying goes, your smile is your calling card, and I think that well cared for teeth instantly projects a certain image. And there’s simply no denying that when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good about ourselves it’s reflected in all the other areas of our lives! Gorgeous pics V, love those bright lippies you wear! Xxxx

    • Honest Mum

      Oh my gosh, I used to have that and you’ve reminded me to buy more! Such a lush product! Thanks darling, a bright, healthy smiley smile is so important, a smile communicates so much and really shares positivity with all. Thanks for your brilliant comment xx

  3. Amanda Fulton

    I literally do not leave the house without make up on! Yes it is a daily pain but the effect it has on my confidence is so worth the time!
    One thing which always bothers me is my teeth thanks to a dodgy orthodontist in my youth and too much red wine. I need some serious whitening in my life so thanks for your tip! at more does a girl need – other than Mac on tap!

  4. John Adams

    You make a very interesting point; why should you feel like less of a feminist for wearing make up? Acknowledging and celebrating the differences between genders does not impinge on a belief that both genders are just as capable or equal. Wear that make-up sister. I, as you know, have a skin care regime because it’s part of my body and I’m going to look after it. I’ll moisturise all day long but come near me with guyliner and I will run a mile. Anyway, I digress. rather like looking after your skin, you gotta look after those teeth. I am very fussy about my dental care. It’s something my mother instilled in me so good to see you making the most of Colgate. As for what makes me feel confident; flossed, brushed, mouthwashed teeth, moisturised face and practical, stylish clothes (depending on the scenario).
    John Adams recently posted…Moving house; it’s better done togetherMy Profile

    • Honest Mum

      Yay, absolutely John, thank you and I totally agree with you. I love your skincare posts and you are so right, clean and healthy teeth are EVERYTHING! Thanks for this super comment.

  5. Michelle Reeves (The Joy Chaser)

    Yes! I’m so with you on a love for make-up and feeling confident with a slick of coral or red lipstick. I’m a huge Bare Minerals fan (it’s changed my whole make-up routine) and while I’m happy in my own skin, I have no qualms about adding some fake tan, bronzer, concealer and eyeliner into the mix. Love your tips in the video Vicki. I’ve always been envious of your super sparkly teeth!! ❤


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