The Circle of (Religious) Life…(HonestMum’s Blogging Carnival)

I was born and bred a Catholic. Growing up in West Ireland to an Irish Mother whose own family stemmed from a deeply religious background it was inevitable I would follow the same path. Admiration, of course, to my parents for continuing not only this upbringing when we moved to England, but in also making the effort (because as I have since found out it IS an effort) for my sisters and I, to be schooled in Catholic schools.
Julie and child

Toddlers, Teens and Tantrums: The Three terrifying T’s

When Caleb was born, Sophie was 11 and babies were just about the best thing ever. Nothing she could do to help was never too much trouble. The age gap hadn't really crossed my mind when I fell pregnant and the fact I still had a child at junior school may have contributed to that. Initially all seemed fine..
Susanne and son

These Days, I am Mostly Surrounded by Children…

I don’t know how it happened. Once, I was able to leave the house for a loaf of bread without having to give thirty minutes notice. I could even make it back again with time to spare before Eastenders started. These days, events like this take so much preparation and fore-warning that I would rather go without toast and opt for an easier life all round.
Sharmin de Vries

Culinary Amsterdam (HonestMum’s Blogging Carnival)

Amsterdam, the city that never sleeps, the city of sin, well that is, if the large droves of uncouth British men flocking to the city for a ‘stag do’, are anything to go by. Women behind windows in the infamous red light district posing for passers by like meat on sticks, weed pouring out of every cafe that is supposed to sell ‘coffee.’
Good Earth

Beautiful Indian Style by Good Earth (HonestMum’s Blogging Carnival)

When Honest Mum asked me to do a guest post I was delighted. She’s a cool chick who loves beautiful things just as much as I do, so how could I refuse. And since I’m holidaying in my homeland of India, I thought I would share some goodies from here. I’ve come across lots of lovely kiddy stuff that I could bring you but I’ve decided to share my absolute favourite Indian store called Good Earth,

The Miraculous Healing Powers of Cartoons (HonestMum’s Blogging Carnival)

Growing up, my Mum always worked. Primarily in offices working as a secretary, but there were times, when we were younger, when she worked in the fields during the holidays. She picked fruit and vegetables, and, come rain or shine, we would go along with her. Childcare options were few and far between.
Vicki-Honest Mum

Over-sharing Anyone?

It's just my opinion but I've experienced a lot of 'over sharing' of late on various social networking sites.
Vicki stroking a leopard


Thrillaxing. What am I on about? Holidaying that's what. A holiday that's so thrilling, it's relaxing. 64% of UK travellers think 'thrillaxing' is the best route to a relaxing holiday according to new research. Still not sure what I mean?
healthy lentil soup

The Detox

Ahhh...the detox! I first did Carol Vorderman's famous detox diet when I was 21, it was all the rage back then and everyone was doing it. And yes my skin radiated like I was, erm, 21 (BECAUSE I WAS) and yes, I had boundless energy and could party all night long but that's probably because you've guessed it, I was 21.
big fat greek family

How You Know You’re Greek

It’s been let me see, at least 2 WHOLE weeks since I’ve attended a Big Fat Greek Wedding, Christening, Engagement party or family birthday and I’m missing it. Madly. It’s not just the food, drink and Greek dancing, it’s all of the below. The energy, the madness, the laught
BBC masterclass

My BBC Writing Masterclass

I filmed the programme below a few years ago for BBC2's Blast (targeted at young people) but have recently been receiving quite a lot of emails from people keen to start writing/getting into tv so thought it might inspire everyone, not just the young un's. The BBC have put a shorter version online and yes there is no government funding for shorts anymore but hope the rest is useful...

The Aunties Come To Town…

My Big Humongous Greek family consists of many Aunties but recently two of my favourite ones (you see what I did there?- baclava guaranteed for life now), visited us for a few days and we literally pissed ourselves laughing. Tena lady anyone?