Skincare routine

I love simple, natural products where possible- for food and skin-food!

I’m so incredibly touched by the compliments I regularly receive about my skin-they always shock me too as I definitely feel and can see how my sleep-raiding kids have affected my face, and body, and mind. Bahaha!

I am lucky, though, that I do come from a long line of women who have fabulous skin (hi Mama)-and my beloved late Grandmas were both wrinkle-free, my Yiayia Vikentia, my namesake, was in fact 96 when she passed and without a single line on her face.

So much is down to genetics of course and then nutritious, beautifying food and finally, and undoubtedly what we put on our faces too. Eat well and use pure and kind products as much as possible!

Before I forget, do please read my post on my Natural Skincare Routine too-and enjoy the film!

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  1. arron

    Nice video for skin care.All products are more helpful for getting a healthy,glowing and wrinkle-less skin.Thanks for sharing it.

  2. arron

    I like the way of providing healthy skin care tips. After read this blog, I am planning to start taking organic skin care products.Thanks for sharing.


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