Limiting Sugar & Making Healthier Food Choices with Ricola


Christmas was a complete and utter sugar-fest here (when is it not) and whilst I’m all for moderation (life without cake isn’t worth living right?), nothing was moderate about the feasting over the Christmas holidays and frankly, I ended up feeling rubbish.

I never get spots (I didn’t, even in my teens) yet I had breakouts by the end of the holidays along with drier, patchier skin and the worst was that my already awful PMT became horrendous. I know my diet has a lot to answer for here.

I recently watched an informative video over on Marie Forleo’s site as she interviewed Dr Mark Hyman, a 10 times bestselling author who believes food can heal.

After feeling inspired, I gobbled (!) up every post and video I could find on him online, and pledged to start eating healthy, wholesome food every day, limiting refined, empty carbs and sugar where possible.

Talk about good timing because the renowned Ricola brand had also approached me around then, challenging me to switch my usual sweet treats for their sugar-free sweets whilst I was at it.

Sending me the range which includes the delicious, Scrumptious OrangeMint, Refreshing LemonMint, Tasty Cranberry, Delicious Elderflower, Fresh Mountain Mint, Luxurious liquorice and The Original flavours, meant tasty help was at hand when the sugar cravings hit.

Delicious flavours of Ricola

The range is made of 13 Swiss Herbs cultivated in the Swiss Alps and they are sweets I’ve enjoyed as a kid. My parents are multi award-winning restaurateurs so my brother and I grew up in an environment where we encouraged to make healthy food choices. It’s a brand that featured a lot in my childhood and will continue to, now in my own childrens’.

So how did my first week go?

Along with these herbal sweets to snack on, I made up big batches of delicious organic chicken, vegetable and cauliflower soup along with lots of vibrant salads busting with greens, fish and pulses in the day to keep me full.

I even popped a Mountain Mint sweet into my decaf coffee at night instead of my teaspoon of honey to add a minty flavour without the sugar, to my drink.

Now whilst I can’t lie, the first few days were hard as I struggled with sugar withdrawal after all that festive indulgence, by the end of the week, my skin looked clearer, I felt more energised and happy and I’m resolute to keep up with this way of eating.

I hate calorie counting, love food and believe that eating well should be easy, it’s just about making those healthy choices consistently until they become a ritual, a default in your life. This challenge has been the best start for me and I’m sticking to it.

Thanks Ricola.

Watch my video too and become inspired.

This is a sponsored post but as always, is honest.

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3 Responses

  1. jodie filogomo

    I think we all struggle with eating too much sugar. It amazes me how much “hidden” sugar I find in many products!!
    But then it’s also so great to be able to enjoy a little sweet here & there!
    Thanks for talking about these. I tend to get into a habit of what I buy, and it’s nice to know there are other great options!
    jodie filogomo recently posted…Do You Look Longer with a Tunic over your Maxi?My Profile

  2. MyCityMyLondon

    Dont you just hate it when supermarkets line the tills with sweets! I have to fight with the tot everytime I take him with me! And the government complain about the burden of obesity to the NHS.

  3. Susanna

    Oohh I’ve never had Ricola sweets. Such a good idea. I’ve just started on a no sugar regime but it’s so hard and I’m certain I will cave in soon. So I’m going to try these sweets. Nice flavours too. xx
    Susanna recently posted…My Personal View Of Meniere’s Disease.My Profile


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