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Travelling is one of my greatest passions. Having just returned from an amazing holiday in the South of France, I already have the travel bug once again and am planning more getaways for October and Christmas.

There’s something so fulfilling about immersing yourself in new cultures and customs.

I’ve always loved travelling to France and Greece as I’m (almost) fluent in both languages. My parents are Greek Cypriot so I learnt to speak Greek and English simultaneously while I learnt French at school which was helped by annual family trips to the Cotes D’Azur as a kid. Being trilingual, I’ve always wanted the same for my kids and have started teaching them Greek and French.

However learning a new language when you’re not in its country of origin can be difficult. There’s only so much that you can pick up from a book or evening class. Ideally, you need to be practising it every day with its native speakers.

This is where the fab new website TalkTalkBnb comes in! It’s a new, totally free, collaborative website that puts people wishing to travel in contact with people wanting to learn languages.

The concept is simple: The website puts ‘Hosts’ (people wanting to improve their language skills) in contact with ‘Travellers’ (young students, mostly) and the Hosts offer Travellers food & lodging in return for just one thing: to speak their native language throughout their stay to help their hosts improve.

The concept is simple, friendly and free. In contrast to other forms of free accommodation in private houses, with TalkTalkBnb you don’t feel like you’re disturbing your host. You give as much as you receive. And when you realise how much conversational courses cost, you know that no one is losing out.

With over 5000 hosts and travellers registered on the site, what are you waiting for? The world awaits you!

For more information head to the TalkTalkBnb website.

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