Another day, another edition of Funny Things My Kid Says…

Oliver’s Pre-School is wonderful. A dream school set in acres of countryside with wooden climbing frames and oat biscuits and fruit at break time. He loves it. I love it. The teachers are kind and nurturing and they pride themselves on keeping us parents informed on our children’s development, learning and happiness there.

At the end of each term we receive the red folder titled The Learning Journal with lots of dated quotes from my child along with pictures taken of his time at Pre-School along with some of his drawings for good measure. It’s awesome. I’m so proud of my 3 and 8 month year old. I sometimes want to steal the red file and always mean to photocopy but somehow in the 2 days we are allowed it, it doesn’t happen. Well this is the next best thing:

Funny comments taken straight from the red folder!

‘” I went to London in a car. I saw some sweets and a toy train and nothing else” ‘.

‘ Oliver corrects a boy in the water. “That’s not a dolphin, dolphins are grey. That’s a whale you know!” ‘

‘Oliver is putting toys away in the home corner. “It will take forever, it will take half an hour” ‘.

‘ “Do we need baking powder?” Oliver asked when discussing ingredients to make bread’.

‘ “I’ve got vanilla essence at my house. It tastes sweet.” ‘

‘ “I have milk with a spoon of honey and a vitamin tablet, an orange one” ‘.

‘ “This needs batteries, ” Oliver tells me as he shows me the toy drill. When I ask what batteries do, he tells me, “they work things”. Good thinking’.

‘Setting up a run for the conkers using pipes. He soon realised that “we make the pipes higher, the conkers will go quicker” ‘.

“These are ear phones. My Daddy has got these at home. He uses it to talk to the computer, to order shopping for our holiday” ‘.

What funny shiznit have your sprogs been saying lately?

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  1. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Some really lovley comments that have made me laugh. I sooo need to meet your little ones! I remember I loved going through Isabelle’s red folder, and all her art work, which luckily we were allowed to keep after yeach year. Some very happy memories.


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