Just like a bored adult, kids need stimulation and while there’s a place for watching the box (we adore movies in this house) we do love engaging in fun activities that help develop little minds and motor skills too.

Here are four fab hobbies that inspire creativity and growth my kiddies love:


As Oliver, 5, is currently learning to read and write, we’re supporting his education and thirst for knowledge with a diverse range of books from factual reads as above (he loves anything related to his body) to Roald Dahl classics I read as a child (hello The Twits) to Julia Donaldson faves (she also writes a lot of the learning to read simpler school books too).

It’s a real joy to help Oliver practically learn to read, as well as open his mind to the wonderful, entertaining and moving stories out there. I love trying to answer his many, many questions (the ones I can!) on the world around him too!

It’s such a special time for us all.


Writing and conjuring up stories really inspires imagination, creativity and ingenuity.

As Oliver and I practice words together, Alexander, my youngest son, aged 2 1/2 likes to join in with us, and he can now write his name ‘Xander’ which is pretty impressive.

We’re all storytellers in this house too, and often write down little poems or stories around the kitchen table.  Oliver and I usually invent and then together compile the story on coloured paper. Xander likes to draw the characters too.

I think we need to collectively pen a children’s book one day, the story ideas Oliver has, and Xander’s illustrations are incredibly funny!

Writing really is so simple, all kids need is a pen or pencil and some paper in order to get started or even a laptop if you fancy it (Oliver loves to type).


We all love painting and drawing here too and have several overflowing art boxes bursting with paper, crayons, paints, markers and finger paints lying around. Now it’s getting warmer outside in the UK, we tend to paint in the garden to keep the creative juices flowing but the house nice and tidy!

Oliver, like both myself and his Dad enjoys getting creative behind the camera- his Daddy is an accomplished photographer and really supports Oliver when he shoots, encouraging him to photograph as well as film family days out together with brilliant results.


Both boys have shown a real interest in playing an instrument, Alexander the piano and Oliver, the guitar. After playing with my brother Solos’ guitar recently, I’m now on the hunt for guitar teachers near me as it seems Oliver’s just the right age to start learning an instrument.


Mostly, I want learning to be fun, in all areas, and my aim is to expose both boys to creative pursuits that will not only stimulate them, but will bring them joy and confidence too.


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2 Responses

  1. Mim

    Oh what a lovely post! I love how you’re making learning fun for them as well as practical – they’ll get so much enjoyment out of those activities 🙂 Mim x
    Mim recently posted…What to Expect When Breastfeeding a Newborn BabyMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Thanks lovely Mim, I really want to make education fun for them and it really is, I’m lucky that my background as a teacher and my Mum was a former lecturer too, helps hopefully get the best out them x


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