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Look at him jump! So do we get a dog?

We have now moved in our lovely new home outside of Leeds in a picturesque village in the breathtaking Yorkshire countryside, close enough to town (and Harvey Nicks) for me not to freak out, but far enough to have ponies outside our front garden as we overlook open countryside and views that people pay good money for (which I suppose we did too when we bought the place). Anyway, it is BLISS.

And now the discussion of getting a dog has come into play. Just as I’ve had cream carpets and pretty floorboards fitted throughout the house (mental with kids I know but style needs must), but add a dog to the mix and well things could get messy (literally)!

A dog was definitely not on my to-do list, but my eldest child Oliver, 4, has noticed neighbouring pups and the enquiries have begun!

So, I’ve quickly scribbled down a list of pros and cons of getting a dog (we would head to our local shelter if we decide to go ahead) and would love you to add your thoughts in the comments. The jury’s out right now and no decisions have not been made (yet)…!

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Dogs make loyal, loving friends and as long as it’s a smallish, cute, family-friendly dog (that wears dog slippers (those exist right?!) when treading on cream carpets, he or she would no doubt make a lovely addition to the family. My children already love dogs, so to have their own would make their year!


I love a good walk and being close to pretty river banks and forests means there’s no shortage of walking destinations for a wee pup. A fun and fabulous way to keep us all fit and healthy too (even when it rains)!

Providing Happiness…

…for us all. Kids love animals and teaching them to care and respect an animal is a valuable lifelong lesson.



Dog food, dog sitters and veterinary bills soon add up and pets can become an expensive business!


Having to take the dog out for a walk when you don’t feel like it, or when it’s raining – which it does in England (a lot) – sounds like a lot of effort. (Lazy, I know!)

Going Away

We travel a fair bit for work and holidays, both here and abroad, so dog sitters can be costly plus it feels unfair to leave the dog at home.

So what say you?!

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2 Responses

  1. suzanne3childrenandit

    I would say no! (for you). Generally, local shelters will not let anyone rehome a dog who has children under the age of 8. I do that if you’re in a phase with young children then it’s probably better to wait, although it sounds as though you’re in the perfect area for a dog!

    • honestmum

      @Suzanne3childrenandit ooh thanks for that, didn’t realise there was an age limit. Think you are right, maybe wait until they are older!


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