Moving house recently has meant implementing new safety measures for our two kids all over again. With Oliver, 4 and Alexander, 19 months above (hard hat for extra safety), we’ve been trying to make sure the house is as safe as possible for them both.

In the UK, more than a million children are taken to hospital each year due to an accident in the home with kids under 5 posing the most risk.

It’s scary stuff as drowning and suffocation are the main causes of fatal accidents for the under 4’s with falls coming close. Fire also poses a risk.

No matter how well equipped you and I are (or our childcare) we always need to be alert of course and never take a chance when it comes to our kid’s safety.

I’ve jotted down some tips here to serve as a reminder to myself and I hope you find them useful too:

If the phone rings or the doorbell goes, take your baby or toddler with you so he or she is never left unattended and likely to get into potential danger.

Make sure corridors and stairs are free of toys or anything that might cause trips and falls. Add stair gates to make stairs and steps as safe as possible and do stop your children from playing on the stairs.

Keep cupboards locked especially those at child height and which hold poisonous cleaning materials and similar.

Ensure curtains and blinds are without cords or child safety cords are used to prevent accidents.

Never leave windows wide open in case children can climb out and keep furniture that can be climbed on, away from windows and cupboards.

When it comes to bathtime, never leave a baby, toddler or child alone for any length of time as drowning can happen easily and quickly. In minutes.

Always remove bath water as soon as you have finished with it too of course.

Have you more tips of your own, I would love to read them?


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