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If I Was…

I often wonder (mostly at night in between the 'I should be asleep and why am I not asleep' twilight hours of disrupted sleep or dreaming of nights out I never have anymore (see above)- the many variables of ...
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Just Be Kind to One Another

Oh how long have I wanted to write this post! It's been on my mind a while and I'd like to write it to encourage friendship and care among new mums...
Women of the Future Awards-Honest Mum

Yep, You Deserve an Award

In light of the awards' season: the Baftas and Oscars out there for the film industry, I started to ponder-where are the awards for all the amazing mothers out there-because you totally and utterly deserve it.
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People Power So Your Baby Gets the Best Care

Right folks I've wanted to write this for a while and I feel very strongly about it. My little one has unfortunately been at the receiving end of very ill advice (excuse the pun) from several medical professionals since we've moved to Leeds. This happens everywhere I know so I'm not condemning Leeds but I am hoping this post might make a difference to parents everywhere in 'going with their gut' and not being patronised by meds.
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I Love Leeds

I recently wrote a love letter to London and thought it was only fair to share the love and write a post about Leeds, my hometown and now, new town.

Little Man Turns 1

Well what a year it's been.... One emergency C section ( nothing 'posh' about not being able to get out of bed or sneeze or feel normal for that matter, for months on end), 2 house moves to 2 different cities, 1 incredibly active, funny, lovable baby, lots of joy (everyone), lots of tears of frustration (him and me) and most importantly lots and lots of laughs (the whole Big Fat Greek Family).

Love Letter to London

Dear London, Thank you for a very wonderful weekend. These few days together truly cemented our long standing love affair.

Christmas Done

Well Christmas was a super day-my little boy's first one-he will be 1 in 2 weeks so we tried to stagger the presents somewhat. Failed.
Friends-Honest Mum

Who’s the Mummy? I Am!

10 Things which Differentiate you from your Non-Mummy Friends. For Better or Worse:
Friends-Honest Mum

Mummy Etiquette-The Top 10

Mummy Etiquette-The Top 10 1. Do stuff your face with the food you feel like, especially in those first few months post-birth. It's hard enough getting up a million times a night to feed your baby as well ...
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Just the Two of Us…

You know that bit in Sex and the City 2 where Miranda and Charlotte have that huge heart to heart about how hard motherhood is-the scene where every mother watching, cried? Yeah that one, well that's pretty much how I felt before I left for my birthday weekend in London-exhausted, in need of a decadent trip to Abu Dhabi (I got Notting Hill)-not too shabby, in need of quality time with the hubby and most of all SLEEP.
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Baby Woes? Raise Your Child the Greek Way!

Baby woes? Raise your child the Greek way. Greeks, OK maybe not all Greeks but my Big Fat Greek family have many rules/ remedies/child rearing tips I wanted to share with you:
George Dad

Dad and a Little Case of Chicken Pox

Ah...Dad and a little case of 'chicken pox'... Now Papa G, my Dad is very slightly and very wonderfully eccentric and insane. We all love him for it of course. He's constantly inappropriate and embarrassing and since forever has been the reason most of my friends hung out with me-to laugh at Papa G. This is the story of his supposed bout of Chicken Pox.
Oliver baby

Model Baby

Last year a few of my film industry colleagues commented that Baby O was rather pretty and maybe I should consider him modelling. They reasoned it would get me out a bit and any money could go into his savings account for the future. Or even pay the rent. Just Kidding.