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roast chicken

Greek Roast Chicken Recipe

This recipe is perfect to bring in the Jubilee. Simple to prepare and utterly delicious. Papa G's Mama would make it for him as a child, using wild oregano and thyme collected from the Cypriot hills, the delicate smells wafting through the house. He's passed this recipe down to us, his own children and for that we're very grateful.

Pat a Cake…

Oliver and my husband's Godfather Andy baked bread yesterday and I wanted to share this simple recipe and very cute pics with you:
salt cod

Easy Fried Salt Cod

Greek Easter is this weekend-some years it falls at the same time as English Easter but not this year (we follow the Gregorian calendar). For those fasting, it marks the end of it-and of course the start of a feast. This recipe is associated with the beginning of Lent (but better late than never with a few days left). During Lent, the Greek Orthodox worshippers abstain from eating meat and dairy products and this dish, salt cod with its stunning combination of flavours enters the Spring menu. It's easy and delicious.
beef stifado

Beef Casserole (Vodhino Stifado)

This dish demonstrates what is good about the Greek cuisine. It can rival the French beef bourguignon or English stew/casserole of any country. It can be made with meat, most commonly beef, rabbit or hare, game and even snails. The combination of vinegar which gives a slight sharpness to the dish and richness of wine as well as the sweetness of the sauteed pickling onions (which are like shallots) makes this comfort dish memorable.

Easy to Make Delicious Oat Biscuits

Family friend Christine Boothroyd runs luxury serviced apartments in Leeds The Chambers (the no 1 hotel in Leeds voted by Trip Advisor) and kindly shared her recipe for delicious oat biscuits with me.

Lean Greek Meatballs with Tomato Sauce (Keftedes)

Papa G is back after creating an incredible Greek Christmas feast with Mama V, which was course after course of fabulous Pumpkin soup, Fishcakes, Turkey, Goose, Fish, followed by literally hundreds of Greek desserts.