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chicken legs

How to Joint A Chicken

Admittedly I usually guess how to joint a chicken for soups and yesterday I made a large vat of chicken soup jointing a whole chicken I had in the fridge.
steak-Honest Mum

Miller & Carter Steakhouse-A Review

When you think steakhouse, you think grotty, dark, dated pseudo yank style eateries in Leicester Square right? Well think again. In fear of sounding like a M&S ad parody, Miller & Carter are not just any old Steakhouse, but a gourmet steakhouse.
american pancakes

Recipe For Wholemeal American Pancakes

We adore pancakes here and modifying this BBC recipe for American pancakes, substituting white flour for wholemeal, dark muscovado for caster sugar and vegetable oil rather than butter I made these nutritious and tasty rounds of loveliness. A little maple syrup to serve and it made for one heavenly breakfast.
minestrone soup

Fast Diet: Week 7 & Minestrone Soup Recipe

I can't quite believe I'm now towards the end of Week 7 of Dr Moseley's Fast Diet. It really doesn't feel like a diet but a way of life (I know everyone says that, but this really DOES feel so easy) and the results are as fast as the name suggests. I don't weigh myself but I go on my clothes and I managed to pour myself into a UK size 10 Topshop dress (with a zip so not stretchy) last Saturday night (see evidence above) so you know, booty shake Beyonce style and all that. Whoop, whoop!
lentil soup recipe

Auntie Loulla’s Greek Lentil Soup Recipe (Faki Soupa)

Lentil soup was the ancient Greeks favourite winter soup and has been made since the Bronze Age in Egypt and India. ‘Faki’ is now considered “poor man's” soup because it is inexpensive to make and very filling, however, it is nutritious and tasty and unlike other pulses, lentils do not need overnight soaking and can be bought easily in packets and tins.
roast lamb

Greek Roast Lamb

I'm attempting Papa G's fabulous roast lamb for a dinner party tomorrow, it's truly delicious! Read on for the recipe.
pizza making-Honest Mum

Auntie Loulla’s Perfect Pizzas for Kids

Auntie Loulla is a fabulous chef and owner of the award winning Greek restaurant Kosmos in Manchester. She recently showed my little Oliver how to make pizza and he loved every minute of it.

Video Blog & Recipe for Marble Cake

Check out this short and too cute for words video blog of my cousins Alex, Isobel and Zac along with son Oliver making my Auntie Loulla's famous Marble Cake. Recipe below too. I also had to share the cute pic above of them hugging Peter!
sushi-Honest Mum

Sushi Recipe for the Weekend

Sushi is an infamously hard food to perfect but with helpful tips from master sushi chef Arvind Rawat from the Red Hot World Buffet, you could be making sushi like the pros in your own home in no time!
roast chicken

Greek Roast Chicken Recipe

This recipe is perfect to bring in the Jubilee. Simple to prepare and utterly delicious. Papa G's Mama would make it for him as a child, using wild oregano and thyme collected from the Cypriot hills, the delicate smells wafting through the house. He's passed this recipe down to us, his own children and for that we're very grateful.

Pat a Cake…

Oliver and my husband's Godfather Andy baked bread yesterday and I wanted to share this simple recipe and very cute pics with you:
salt cod

Easy Fried Salt Cod

Greek Easter is this weekend-some years it falls at the same time as English Easter but not this year (we follow the Gregorian calendar). For those fasting, it marks the end of it-and of course the start of a feast. This recipe is associated with the beginning of Lent (but better late than never with a few days left). During Lent, the Greek Orthodox worshippers abstain from eating meat and dairy products and this dish, salt cod with its stunning combination of flavours enters the Spring menu. It's easy and delicious.
beef stifado

Beef Casserole (Vodhino Stifado)

This dish demonstrates what is good about the Greek cuisine. It can rival the French beef bourguignon or English stew/casserole of any country. It can be made with meat, most commonly beef, rabbit or hare, game and even snails. The combination of vinegar which gives a slight sharpness to the dish and richness of wine as well as the sweetness of the sauteed pickling onions (which are like shallots) makes this comfort dish memorable.