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I simply can’t believe I’m 38 weeks and 2 days already. This pregnancy has been pretty easy going and has just flown by. I’m ecstatic not to have OC this time roud and the baby will be here in no time at all. The C section is booked (as advised by my consulant as the safest for baby and I after an emergency first time) and I am ready, ready, ready folks (well as ready as I can be)…

I’ve recently finished my last directing job and will of course be returning to my screenwriting projects in development when I’m ready. Right now though, it’s wonderful to be spending this final time with my husband who’s on paternity leave and the little man, Oliver when he’s not at nursery and of course gearing up for motherhood x2.

…It does shock me a little to think this will be our last times as a family of 3! Yesterday we went to the National Railway Museum in York which the toddler adored (for the most part-more of that later). It was pretty fascinating in all honesty and I’m no train spotter by any stretch of the imagination. Did manage to recover in the Mulberry shop afterwards though. Phew.


Here’s Oliver appearing to wee (he’s not) near a small rideable ‘choo choo’ train I worried I might labour on, and which after waiting a whole hour for it to arrive, was met with Oliver screaming the whole whopping 2 and a half minutes journey on it until we were promptly and gratefully discarded, walking slash waddling the 2 and a half minutes back. Wonderful.

mini train

Aside from that, he loved the train themed playground for kids and jumped for joy at every locomotive we saw from ones from Japan to the first train ever made (or something like that)- so happy days all round.

oliver train

(I’m wearing a black round neck dress from Mothercare’s maternity Autumn/Winter range 2010, leopard print scarf from Oasis (Autumn/Winter 2011), Mulberry Antony bag, Links of London sweetie bracelet, Topshop non maternity leggings and Empire slipper shoes in fuschia from Office).

Photographs © Peter Broadbent.

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26 Responses

  1. Bod for tea

    I LOVE that you still look so glam at 38 weeks!! I’m already running out of things to wear at 31 weeks and reluctant to buy loads more things that *hopefully* will end up being too big afterwards. Would love to read your top fashion tips for clothes to breastfeed in… an idea for a post perhaps? x

  2. Metropolitan Mum

    Hello gorgeous! The look on your face really made me smile – it seems to say ‘I had enough of this’. Or maybe it’s just me projecting my feelings onto your face 😉

    • honestmum

      @Mother’sAlwaysRight thank you lovely. Excited and nervous x
      @Sharcasm thanks, cannot wait until you visit us and can meet him x
      @FranglaiseMummy I bet you look utterly fab x
      @RichmondMummy thank you-Office had so many cool Empire slippers, I found it hard to decide!x
      @Mirka thank you gorgeous mama yourself, hope we get to meet with our babes soon xx
      @Carolyne thank you honey, it really has flown by!x
      @Mumofalltrades thank you for your advice, means a lot. Hugs x

  3. sharcasm

    Baba, you look so amazing. Cannot wait to see pics of the little new arrival very soon. Thinking of you and knowing everything will be alright. x

  4. Carolyne

    Wow you look amazing!!! Time seems to have flown by. I can’t believe that we’ll be looking at pics of of your gorgeous baby soon!

  5. mum of all trades

    I cannot believe you are 38 weeks already, where did that time go (easy for me to say as I wasn’t pregnant!). But it only seems a while ago that you announced your pregnancy. You look amazing. A planned c section is much more calm than an emergency one. Enjoy your last few days and good luck x

  6. School Gate Style

    You are looking FAB gorgeous mama! Seriously blooming…and so fabulously stylish too. Loving the bag and your scarf has reminded me that I need a brown/black leopardprint this AW..looks so great with the black. Enjoy this special time as a family of 3..Avril x

  7. jane @ Practically Perfect Mums

    Hope you are still feeling as good as you are looking. I’m sure it’ll be a breeze welcoming another babe to the family. Enjoy the calm and rest for now x

  8. Susanne@babyhuddle

    You look AMAZING! Am so so happy for you! yay! Not long at all, can’t wait to see pictures!


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