black bean and feta cheese salad

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I love adding a little Greek twist to salads all year round, especially where I can give a nod to my heritage and culture, which you’ll already know if you spotted my latest halloumi salad offering. Yummy or what?!

Feta is my great friend too; I just love the salty yet creamy bite it gives a salad, and paired with black beans, capers and lashings of olive oil makes for one heck of a flavoursome and importantly, filling dish for lunch or dinner, whatever the season. Even my kids eat it with relish.

There isn’t really a recipe per se when it comes to this wholesome salad, you simply need to create a base of veggies you love and fling the a-list ingredients: black beans, feta and capers on to the top. I personally prefer the slightly bitter chicory here and green leaves but go with your gut and what you fancy on the day, opting for a tin/packet of black beans you’ll need to drain, for speed and ease, a few teaspoons of sharp capers, crumbled feta (the more the merrier) and lots of olive oil, cider vinegar or lemon, plus salt and pepper. Simple, delicious and the perfect base for hungry people to top even more protein on top.

My husband loves a little tuna with this dish, I prefer a side of grilled chicken. Go wild, people, go wild!

black bean and lentil salad

Bon appetit or yamas, rather!

Enjoy x

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