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A global coalition of humanitarian and human rights organisations has revealed that 83% of all the lights in Syria have gone out since the start of the conflict there.

Analysing satellite images, scientists based at Wuhan University in China, in co-operation with the #withSyria coalition of 130 non-governmental organisations, have shown that the number of lights visible over Syria at night has fallen by 83% since March 2011.

Afraid of the Dark is a video created by BAFTA-winning agency Don’t Panic and production partners UNIT9, to mark the 4 year anniversary of this conflict and shine light on one of its most under-reported repercussions.

‘It is a literal truth that 83% of Syria’s lights have gone out since the start of the war’, said Richard Beer, Creative Director of Don’t Panic, ‘but the darkness that afflicts them has a metaphorical truth that goes deeper. We wanted to use this shocking statistic to tell the story of just how far Syria has fallen into darkness, in every conceivable way, despite UN resolutions and international outcry. The hero of our film, Khalid, could afford to be afraid of the dark four years ago; now he faces far worse every day, despite his own bravery. He, and all Syrians like him, need our help’.

Directed by UNIT9’s Greg&Jacob, this video is part of an international campaign launched by the #withSyria coalition.

The coalition is a movement of humanitarian and human rights organisations from around the world, including Oxfam, Amnesty, International Rescue Committee, and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), standing in solidarity with those caught in the conflict.

The #withSyria coalition today launched this video alongside a global petition at that calls on world leaders to ‘turn the lights back on in Syria’ by:

• Prioritising a political solution with human rights at its heart;

• Boosting the humanitarian response both for those inside Syria and refugees, including through increased resettlement;

• Insisting that all parties put an end to attacks on civilians and stop blocking aid

A new report ‘Failing Syria’ released today by 21 humanitarian and human rights organisations accuses warring parties and powerful states of failing to achieve what three 2014 UN Security Council resolutions set out to do. 

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