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Whether you’re a stay at home mum or working mother, life is full-on with kids.

I have a full time blogging career which although it allows me freedom to work in a freelance way but life can sometimes feel tough-going as I juggle deadlines with a young family.

Over the years though, I’ve developed a few handy life hacks to make parenting that just bit easier and here they are:

Organise The Night Before To Make Mornings Easier

Although you might well feel dead on your feet, and you just want to crash, taking that extra time to prepare things for the morning after, is well worth the effort.

With the crazy morning rush of trying to get kids to nursery or school on-time, as well as turning up to work (if you don’t blog in your PJ’s that is) looking at least half-presentable means prep the night before!

I make lunches in advance and hang out my next day’s outfit along with my kids’ clothes and uniform so I don’t waste precious time in the morning.

Family Calendar

Have a central calendar hanging on your wall where everyone writes down their engagements. You’ll be amazed at what slips your mind if it’s not down there in black and white. This way, you can keep track of everyone and plan for future months ahead. So useful as your kids’ social life gets busier than yours. Ours is magnetised on our fridge for all to see in the kitchen, the centre of the home.

Invest In A People Carrier Or Minibus

You’ll thank your stars as soon as you have one. If your family is large, it’s definitely worth going for a reliable commercial vehicle like the Fiat Ducato, which can seat up to seven people. We love our seven-seater, there’s lots of leg room for the kids and space in the back for bags, prams, bikes, when there’s just the 5 of us using it.

It also makes holidays away with the family simple and means we can give rides to the kids’ friends as well as relatives for days out. There’s nothing worse than having to make multiple journeys.

Stay Connected With Your Kids

Just because you’re at work/working all day, doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with your kids. If they’re old enough, a few texts or emails throughout the day lets you know that they’re safe and happy, and I like to stop for lunch with my husband who also works from home, and my youngest son when my Mum is looking after him so we can all get together midday. Meal time is just for us, all laptops and phones turn off for dinner and bedtime routine and it’s bliss.

Do Special Things Together

Perhaps this tip is a tad clichéd, but really do work at creating traditions or special moments with your family. Unlike what many parenting books say, you don’t have to spend every waking moment with your child (it’s quality not quantity), but making time to do things together is crucial.

This could be as something as simple as Sunday PJ day, with pancakes for breakfast and everyone’s favourite movies on the box, and I’m strict about keeping weekends as sacred family time only. Sweet, fun family time together we cherish, and look forward to all week.

Make Friends With Other Working Mums

Other mums can make for the best allies especially if they live in your area or closeby. With a bit of luck, your children will make friends too, and you can spend some quality time with fun mamas, while the kids entertain each other.

I’ve also got lots of great friends I’ve met online and thanks to this blog, and bonding over twitter, particularly at crazy o’clock when the toddler’s teething or I’m up in the night really offers so much friendship and support.

There you have it, I hope you find my life hacks useful. I’d love to hear yours! 

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  1. Michelle Reeves (Bod for tea)

    Great tips honey as always! I’m so with you on the night-before routine although I’m terrible for changing my own outfit the next morning! Woman’s prerogative; )
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