my mother in law

Things My Mother-In Law Taught Me

I recently wrote the post Things My Mother Taught Me which listed my top 10 lessons learnt from my Mama and now I'd like to pay homage to my super Mother in Law.
mother and daughter

Things My Mother Taught Me

I wanted to write 10 things my Mother has taught me. She's taught me a lot more than 10 but here are my favourites:
on set

And Action…

I've been meaning to blog for ages now but well, life has gotten in the way. I'm sorry guys. I will try harder next time I promise! It's just I got back from being on set last month for the first time since maternity leave ended, and since we wrapped it's been busy, busy, busy with tv meetings and of course lots of fun times with my 14 month old, settling back into life in my hometown of Leeds after 11 years away and all that comes between. It's been an incredible ride.